Mike & Archie



Mike is a registered farrier and shoes horses in Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

A few years ago a client asked him to make a memorial piece for her horse who had passed away. What better way than to use one of his old shoes. Word soon spread not just for memorial pieces but for wedding gifts, Christmas, birthdays.... you get the idea. We suddenly found our demand was growing, our Facebook page was taking off and now our online store is available for to take payments.


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As our business grew so did our family and we have two amazing sons. Our eldest Michael if following in his fathers footsteps and started his training as a blacksmith and hopes to start his farriery apprenticeship in the Summer of 2021.

Like his dad he has a love of working with horses but instead of decorative pieces he enjoys toolmaking. Hopefully we will be able to showcase some of his work soon.




Our Support team member is Hector. Hector goes to work with Mike everyday and has a whale of a time. He meets up with his other doggy friends at all the horse yards and get to play for hours as well as going to lovely countryside walks in between horseshoeing appointments.

Mike's hobby is amateur photography and Hector loves nothing more than being the star in the pictures. On Mike personal Facebook page he posts daily pictures of Hector and his adventures.




I'm Mike's wife and the proud mother of our two sons. Unlike Hector I'm camera shy so my picture is of my partner in crime, Lexi. 

I do the admin side of the business. I also do the web design, social media and shipping. So if your ever in contact with us it will be me you speak to.

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Lola Roberts

The newest member of our Team, meet Lola. Lola is just a baby but quickly picking up the skills to be an excellent Farriers companion. Hector and Lola are best of friends and enjoy sharing all the food treats Mike gets from his farrier customers. When she isn't out keeping Mike company she lazes around in front of the house fire with her mom and brother.